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9th Motor Transport Battalion (USMC)

10 Unit members

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1st Tet Offensive

Continued from my understanding of these forms of Commo. After the 50's and ammo for it we headed f... Read more

Posted by Douglas Thuma


The first Tet Offensive.

Our Battalion got an emergency call from 3rd Marines and they were getting low on ammo. A call we... Read more

Posted by Douglas Thuma


Two convoys

It has been almost 50 years, but I do remember this. Just after coming down into the valley North of... Read more

Posted by Douglas Thuma

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10 Unit Members

Latest Members

Name Rank Affiliation
Stringer, Bill 1991 - 1994
sandoval, amanda 1992 - 2014
Thuma, Douglas 1964 - 1970
dombrowski, anthony 1961 - 1963
Williams, Ted 1958 - 1961

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